Picture Style Support: For all technique and concept questions, please refer to your manual for directions on how to take chart pictures and the email address to send them to for a quick response.

Options Broker with Contingent Exit Orders that work: OptionsXpress

Option Scanning: PowerOpt

Charting Software:
The data/charting solution we recommend for looking at a large number of charts very fast, with 20 minute delayed data, is TC2007 Gold at only $29.99 per month, with huge discounts for 1-year and 2-year prepay. Delayed data is no longer delayed once it's 20 minutes after the market closes in the afternoon, and it's not delayed until after the market re-opens in the morning (Eastern time zone example). This is what we use for very fast scanning through stock and ETF charts. This is the ideal way to go if you have a job and look at charts in the evening or early morning.

If you prefer real time data, you can get TC2007 Platinum at $99.99 per month with huge discounts for 1 year and 2-year prepay.

Call us at 770-382-9656 during market hours if you have any questions about TC2007.

Most of our students already have the eSignal/Neoticker combination and purchased it from us at They can also use it for eSignal/Neoticker is a high end solution, with the data provided by eSignal and charted on Neoticker software. If you have the eSignal/Neoticker combination and need the groups for eTradingCourse, please contact us.

Call us at 770-382-9656 during market hours if you have any questions about eSignal/Neoticker.

Personalized Support:
If you would like additional personalized support, it is available one-on-one either by phone or during a Refresher day.

Personalized Phone Support is $175 per hour. Call us at 770-382-9656 during market hours to schedule your Phone Support time.

Refresher days at the instructor's home office are $1000 for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Refresher half days at the instructor's home office are $500 for either 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon, or 1:00 to 4:00. Refresher days at the student's home pricing depends upon travel time - inquire.

You may also call us at 770-382-9656 during market hours to schedule your support time and/or pay with a credit card rather than through PayPal using the buttons below.

Personalized Phone Support at $175 per Hour.

Refresher Days at an Instructor's Home Office at $1000 per Day.

Refresher Half Day - Select Time
Refresher Half Days at an Instructor's Home Office at $500 per Half Day.

Zero Surge Model 2R-15 surge suppressor:
I use 9 of these in my home and home/office. Zero Surge sells this model for $169 + S&H. I sell it for $159 with FREE S&H within the US. If you are outside the US, please call 770-382-9656 or email us to determine shipping charges. All sales are final. No refunds. (See my 1993 article on surge suppression.)
To pay by credit card, call 770-382-9656 between 9:30 and 4:00 Eastern, Monday - Friday.

Zero Surge Model 2R-15

Trader Affirmations Audio CD
This our affirmations CD which sold for $56.95 in the U.S. for 3 years. It's now only $14.95 in the U.S. and $24.95 International

Music by Marcey
About 12 years ago I bought a cassette entitled "Inward Harmony" by Marcey Hamm (Music By Marcey) and have played it many times over the years. Most of these type programs require you to set aside an hour a day to listen to them with headphones, uninterrupted, with your eyes closed. I know, because I've purchased a rack of those programs and rarely use them because I can't set aside the hour per day to do it. That's what I really like about Marcey's program. You just play it environmentally through speakers as background music and go about your business. During the summer of 2003 Marcey took my course. Since 12 years ago, she has added 7 more tapes (actually, they are now CDs), plus a course. This package is the complete Music by Marcey package. It includes 8 CDs and a course (which consists of 8 cassettes and a booklet) on how the music on each CD came about and how to optimally use the 8 CDs. Total package is 8 Therapy CDs + 8 Course Cassettes + course booklet. Retail price for the complete package is $260.55 + S&H. Marcey sells her complete package for $199.95 + S&H. I am an authorized dealer for Marcey and stock and sell her complete package at the lower price of $189.00 PLUS FREE S&H in the USA, PLUS you also get printed details on specifically how to use the CDs to help you become a better trader. This is the best package I've ever found for self improvement, especially for trading, and it's a bargain. If you want it shipped outside the USA, email me your address and I'll get right back to you with the shipping charges. Here's a preview of Music By Marcey:

Music By Marcey Complete Package

Email us or call us at 770-382-9656 during market hours if you have any questions about support.