E-Mini Futures Day Trading Course
One-on-One 5 Day Course teaches you how to daytrade the emini's. Teaching day traders from 17 countries since 1994. No Hype.


E-Mini Futures Day Trading Live Trade Video
Turn your speakers to a normal volume before downloading.
A New Student's Comment:  "That was so awesome! This is an absolutely outstanding example of what you taught me. Now I have something I can show my wife to explain just what it is I learned from you." - J.L., Conyers, GA


Zero Surge
This is for one Zero Surge Model 2R-15 surge suppressor. (I use 8 of these throughout my home and home/office.) The manufacturer sells this unit for $169 + S&H. I have been an authorized dealer for 13 years and sell them for $159 plus give you FREE insured shipping within the US.  If you are outside the US, please call 770-382-9656 or email us to determine shipping charges. (My 1993 article on surge suppression.)


Trading Audio CDs

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