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This is an educational course. There are no specific recommendations or offers to buy or sell any securities. There is no specific trading advice or tips. No mechanical trading systems are involved. No mechanical methodologies are involved. There are no mechanical trading signals. There are no representations of potential earnings by us or by you. No money is managed. There is no particularized trading advice that recommends specific transactions or trading methodologies or advice concerning the value of or advisability of trading stocks OR ETF's or options. This course is designed to assist you and provide tools for the understanding of technical analysis of the financial markets. This is an educational course designed solely to assist you in developing your own personal methodology if you so desire, just as freely available technical analysis and trading techniques from books at a library would assist you. Education is fully protected by the First, Fourth, Ninth, and Tenth Articles in Amendment of the United States Constitution and no rights are waived. There is risk and potential for loss in any investment, including loss of principal and other losses. No investment or trading recommendations are given or implied. No judgment is exercised over any student's trading. Etowah Valley Inc. dba and its employees and associates are not engaged in rendering any investment or other professional advice. If you want investment advice, seek a licensed or registered investment advisor, CPA, or attorney. If you trade with real money, that is strictly your decision and you should be familiar with all the risks. Stocks and options trading involves substantial risk. There is no representation of past performance. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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