Active Trader Magazine article about June 2006

"Paul Quillen has been a good friend of mine for 24 years. What he is teaching in his course,, is exactly what I've been recommending to most option traders for years. I highly recommend this course to everyone interested in a simple and relatively safe approach to trading options."
- Harold Lanier, Roswell, Georgia, full time options trader

"I learned more about trading from the eTradingCourse manual in one week than I have in 8 years trading on my own."
- M.S., Moorestown, N.J.

"The one-on-one training week with Mickey was phenomenal. Mickey presented the course material in a very deliberate, coherent fashion with a dynamic style that kept my interest throughout the week. At the end of the week, I felt completely confident that I understood your elegant, risk conscious trading method and would be able to continue at home following the steps you suggest for getting to the point of actually trading."
- J.K., Atlanta, GA

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful weekend presentation on bull put and bear call spreads via simplified Elliot wave. Although there was a lot of information to digest, it was done in such a way that all could understand. (Very Professional) As a former student of your day trading course, I really appreciated the thorough review of pattern recognition. I look forward to corresponding for the next 12 months."
Thanks, E.B., Bedford, NH

"Thanks for putting together a simplified and effective strategy for trading stock options. The course was jam-packed with useful information, and having a full year of follow-up support gives me confidence that I'll have the guidance I need as I put this into practice.
The chart pattern recognition presentation was, by itself, worth the entire tuition, since it adapts equally well to trading stock options, individual stocks, and daytrading."
- F.P., Nashville, TN

"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased I am that you started the stock trading program.
Having been a Day Trading Course student of yours and learning how to see the patterns makes the stock course so exciting. I can see the reasons that you have for trading a particular stock and know where you will place your stops and know where you will shed."
- A.R., Teaneck, NJ

"I should thank you for the course. It provides a better mental structure to the market than anything else I've seen."
- M.M., Unionville, ON, Canada

"I would like to take a moment and say you and the rest of the gang have really outdone yourselves with the eTradingCourse. I just went through the manual and the presentation is outstanding. Professional, concise and easy to understand.
Keep up the great work."
- E.B., Bedford, NH

"The chart patterns books are tremendously valuable because you get to constantly look at those patterns. It's one thing to describe the chart patterns with a drawing or an illustration but to actually see real patterns on's an invaluable part of the course."
- F.P., Nashville, TN